the employee of the Christ of the ones whom he must lead

The true leader is first and foremost the servant who humbly remembers at all times that he is actually the employee of the Christ of the ones whom he must lead.  Therefore beloved, let us see and study and come to the gentleness of heart.  So the gentle Spirit Most Holy shall impart a power not of this world and a fire to consume all temporal power and tyranny and totalitarian regimes.
If there is to be leadership and the shepherding of souls and true ministers of the Word there must be those who will be sensitive not to hurt any one of these little ones and who will always remember: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these little ones, even unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me,” -Christ Jesus. I think, beloved, [that it is wise] before addressing anyone [to take that] very simple pause to remember that [although] that one you are speaking to may be a soul bereft of Christhood yet [that one is] still that potential Christ, that potential God.     -Theosophia:  7-1-1990 via Messenger ECP

But deeds done by ignorance can have malicious effects upon the children of light.  And therefore recognize:  the most deadly enemy of all is the habit of human ignorance that rests in its own ignorance and does not desire to know and to learn and to study—-to keep abreast, to be aware and to watch and pray.

  We shall have our victory as long as you remain watchmen of the night and watchmen of the day.        -Jesus Christ:  11-24-1983, Thanksgiving, at Camelot via Messenger ECP



The great Law gives to us light in increments because it is so transforming and so powerful and so alchemical that it can produce even a chemicalization….And the light that we will need in the day of our karma is greater than the light that we could invoke on that single day.  We have to bank the fires of the light in our temple and increase the light and keep it blazing so that when karma approaches us we survive it by that light.   -Messenger ECP:  10-31-1987 at Minneapolis


We use the analogy of a film in a movie projector to describe the action of the violet flame.  As you use the violet transmuting flame you are washing the imperfections and streaks from the film of life and from the lens.  You purify the lens, and the film is washed and altered by master artisans so that it can reflect the purity of the light rays passing through it.   -Messenger ECP:  Age of the Divine Mother, Summit Publications, 2006, p. 104




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