Yes you have it. The only question is: do you use it?


-Manjushri    Tibetan bronze

Can the individual contain the whole Mind of God or only a molecule?  This question, beloved, does not make sense, for the whole of the Mind of God is contained in a single molecule or a single drop of the ocean.  Thus ny way you look at it you have the Mind of God.

Yes you have it.  The only question is:   do you use it?   Do you enter it as a great sphere of light, as though you would enter a pulsating sphere of the one Mind pulsating/stimulating in you through your higher Self your soul, your spiritual faculties, your chakras, all that you need to know to solve the problems of your own path and dharma and karma and all that you need to know to solve the problems of the Earth?

The mental body and the brain itself, beloved, as well as the central nervous system are like cosmic instruments, and upon those instruments the Mind of God does play.  And for many who advance on the path their communion with the Mind of God does bypass the brain, the body and even the mental sheath.  You would think this amazing, but it is not.  Such communion takes place in the heart of the individual who has meditated upon the Mind of God–almost unconsciously as a steady listening, as a steady stimulation, as a steady plucking of the heart strings of one such as Moses who communed with the I AM THAT I AM, and all exalted beings who preceded him on the pathway of realization of the One.

So, beloved, you may not even realize when the source of reason, the Logos within you, has not been impressed upon you through the brain, the central nervous system or any organ of the body.  Then too there is the seat of knowledge in the heart, the seat of wisdom in the heart–and again this knowledge and this wisdom come out of the threefold flame and are not conveyed merely through the organs of the body.      -Msnjushri:  7-3-1993 at RTR, Montana



-Messenger E C Prophet:  The Buddhic Essence, 2009, p. 106


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