Not what might be but what will be




Right now today you stand upon the threshold of fulfillment in your lives as you realize the beauty of nobility so ably stated by Sir Galahad of old:  “My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure.”…

Not what might be but what will be because man envisions, invokes and equates with universal law.  Alchemy–the wondrous science of change that fulfills the heart’s deepest desires, orders man’s affairs and renews the sweet purity of his original communion with the Great Progenitor….

Coordination between the four lower bodies and the higher vehicles enables man first to control his environment and then to create–on condition that he can understand and not be hindered by the obvious illusions of the appearance world whose point of reference is time and space….

Chief amongst this list (of great and vital alchemical factors) is faith.  This includes a belief in the whirling power that keeps the electrons in vital motion revolving around their nucleonic centers.  This power resembles a tightly compressed, almost omnipotent, spring.  It is central to every solar system and atom whose magnetic flux and emanation, while centered in its own nucleus, is able to tie into limitless energyfields….

The inner necessity of the universe to protect its secrets from the profane can be seen in the activities of the luciferian hordes who from time to time during the long history of the planet have involved the sons of God in a misuse of the creative and sacred power of life.        -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom  13:9-10


From that (inconceivable) Completeness alone springs forth the omnipotent, omniscient manifestations called Shiva, Kali, Krishna.  The sacred mantras aum Shiva, aum Kali, aum Krishna are simply forms of a single aum–the primordial nature of awareness.  The avatara is precisely this original aum and therefore effortlessly embodies the divine forms and the formless divine attributes revealed through all sacred traditions.       -Ramakrishna, at Ram Babu’s Calcutta garden house


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