7 teachings on Middle East

1)  Amidst the oscillations of the cosmic scales humanity cannot choose a middle path, for only light or darkness will be contending for the victory.     -Morya:  Fiery World 1935, pt. 362.

2)  O precious hearts, a perpetual vigil is the requirement of the hour.  I ask you to keep it with me on behalf of our young men, for the plot is now abroad to draw them into another war in the Middle East….Will you permit it?  I say, no!  You shall not permit it because the Christ in you leaps forth in the center of your being to declare the victory and the peace of the Almighty.       -Archeia Mary:  10-9-1970 at Santa Barbara via Messenger M or E C Prophet

3)  Sons and daughters of liberty, your freedoms are being destroyed one by one, and the mice of both foreign and domestic intrigue are eating away at the granary of America!…Your children’s minds are being indoctrinated in death spirals, and your own minds are being programmed to mediocrity slowly but surely.  The encroachments upon your liberty are legion, and the legions of darkness have but one goal–to deprive you of your individuality before you are quickened in the search for spiritual oneness by the Son of God.     -Lanello:  Pearls of Wisdom 16:20

4)  Beloved ones, some of you understand that some of the evolutions of the Middle East have been those lifewaves who have come from the planet which you call Maldek, the asteroid belt (now) between Mars and Jupiter.  Therefore you see it is the entrenched forces of the laggard generations who have separated the light of God from the people and who have not worked diligently for peace but rather have worked for power.  In and among them there are great lights and souls of stature and attainment.  These souls are the true descendants of the house of Israel, and they have gathered also in the Middle East for the redemption of all peoples and especially the evolutions of varying degrees of enlightenment who have recently and in past centuries evolved there….Therefore by dispensation from my causal body I, Saint Germain, give to you each one contact with that individual lifestream for whom I call upon you to hold the balance.    -Saint Germain:  11-20-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP

Front Cover

5)…the position of the United States vis-a-vis the Soviet Union in this hour and the possibility of war in the European theater, and world war at that, has been brought about entirely by Western capitalists and unalert and sometimes very dark leaders in the United States who have allowed this building of the Soviet military empire to take place.  Now they have turned to do the same in Red China….

You must call for the binding of those individuals who–when given power–use it to wreak upon mankind an unmitigated evil.  And you must call for the enlightenment of the American leadership and the judgment of those who are the betrayers of both the Chinese and the American people as they supply the Communists with the technology and the trade that guarantees their power over the people….it is difficult for any leader to maintain contact with our level and to take that strong stand that is necessary especially when that leader has no direct personal knowledge of our counsel….

Beloved ones, the pillar of the Lighthouse must be raised and the fortification of our fortress intensified as the sign of the coming again of the ancient intercession of the hosts of the LORD who went before the people Israel….The more you are diligent and self-sacrificing in the establishment of the greatest educational institution the world has ever known the more we are able to go to Helios and Vesta and the Karmic Board to receive dispensations in your behalf….

Beloved ones, I, El Morya, encourage you in the name of Saint Germain to proceed with caution, prudence and care.       -El Morya:  4-22-1984 (Easter) at Camelot, Los Angeles

6)  I send my flame to the very hearts of those laggard evolutions in the Middle East who have held back the full price of glory.  I send legions and the solar ring of seraphim in this hour to encircle those nations, to intensify the sacred fire, to give all the opportunity then to beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruninghooks.  Beloved ones, let there be war no more!    -Saint Germain:  11-17-1985 at NYC via Messenger ECP

7)  It is an hour of turbulence in the Mideast.  It is an hour when there must be a lancing of Iranian and Iraqi hate and hate creation directed against the lightbearers of the world.  It is an hour to be alert for the potential for war….whatsoever may be transpiring in the world the judgment of the seed of the wicked, of their conspiracies, their hidden agenda and their evil practiced against the children of God must be placed before the Lord daily through the giving of the judgment calls.   -Gautama Buddha:  7-3-1988 at RTR, Montana


8-5-15    http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/us-researchers-show-computers-can-be-hijacked-to-send-data-as-sound-waves/ar-BBlq7YR


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