How many of the ills of humanity are due to insufficient cooperation!

51.  Powerful, exalted visions require pure surroundings and prana.  Christ’s deeds were consummated amidst the beauties of nature.  Never did He dwell for long in cities.   –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

II, i, 7.  The density of matter obstructs each experiment of the spirit.  This concerns men as well as the whole of nature.  For access to it matter must be melted.  In the process of smelting there is produced a specific gas which assimilates with the substance of the spirit.

II, iii, 18; II, iv, 8.  In the future equilibrium of Spirit and matter a clear vision may be obtained….The most powerful telescopes were women, and the first requisite for their protection was quietude….When many earthly apparati will have to be destroyed because of their harmfulness it will then be time to bring humanity nearer by means of a natural apparatus.

II, v, 11.  Vital understanding of the power of nature will provide without magic a renovation of possibilities.

III, ii, 9; III, vi, 9.    And again, as in the most ancient times of priesthood’s prime but in a popular application, the fire of knowledge will begin to shine.  The chief necessity is to bring into balance the forces of visible nature and the power of the invisible sources….Yet the ancient mysteries used these two expressions:  “to labor in the wave of sublime nature” and “to work with the heartbeat of the Mother of the World.”     –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

66.  The evolution of the world is built on revolutions or explosions of matter.  Each revolution has a progressive movement upwards.  Each explosion as a constructive agent acts spirally.  Therefore it is in the nature of each revolution to be subject to the law of the spiral.     -M:  Community 1926

20.  The retardation of spiritual realization is caused by a lack of attention to the manifestations of nature.  Losing the power of observation man loses the ability to synthesize.      -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929

44.  A yogi may not disturb the primary energy without extreme necessity.  With a yogi complete cooperation is created with nature.

111.  Verily the entire perfectment of the heart rests upon moral foundations.  These foundations transmute the physical nature and vivify the spirit.  Of course you may be asked, “How does this condition stand with the dark ones when their hierophants possess certain fires?”  It is correct to understand that dark amorality rests upon the discipline of fear.

231, 255.  It is unwise not to utilize that which grows beside the window.  Only a madman needlessly uproots that which he himself cannot plant.  Similarly only the creatures of falsehood try to encircle the path so as to force the traveler to deviate.  But upon the branches of life one can leave the signs of the true path….The fire of the heart will be a high manifestation of fire; this means that this fire will be the best purifier and protector. Therefore instead of various dubious and often poisonous antiseptic prescriptions it is much better not only to have the fire of the hearth but also to kindle the fires of the heart. It can be proved to what an extent the fires of the heart fight serious illness.

373.  How many of the ills of humanity are due to insufficient cooperation!  The understanding of cooperation readily brings one to cooperation with the forces of nature.    -M:  Heart 1932

Sergius of Radonezh - Nicholas Roerich
-Sergius of Radonezh by N. Roerich, 1932

  -Messenger E C Prophet

As day by day you increase in the wisdom of God and in knowledge, as day by day you transcend the self-limiting doctrines of church and state in this world–because that forcefield [of the rod of illumination] is in you, because you decree, because the day of your Christhood is dawning–in proportion to that acceleration you experience, the ones who have received not the light and whose judgment is upon them [for misappropriating the light they once had] are losing–losing their capacity to think, to reason, to probe the matter spheres and to act responsibly on behalf of the people they represent.  Are you not then observing the disintegration of a class of fallen ones?   -Great Divine Director:  7-4-1988 at RTR, Montana


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