the freedom enshrined as an opportunity to elect to do the will of God


IMG_1008    -Rembrandt:  detail of “The Polish Rider”, c. 1655

Saint Germain once took the name of Rakoczy—he does represent the House of Rakoczy.  He is the figure in Rembrandt’s painting The Polish Rider–this is the only one of Saint Germain which is authentic.   And so Saint Germain is today still Saint Germain and it means Sanctus Germanicus or Holy Brother.     -Messenger Mark Prophet:  “The Mysteries of Enoch and Arhatship,” 9-10-1971, (audio B8295)


I am the founder of the House of Rakoczy.  And in our mansion in Transylvania, where there has been established on the etheric plane a sacred temple of the Maltese cross, there are enshrined records of past civilizations of glory and blueprints for a golden age to come….

When freedom is found within the soul of a man or a woman–the freedom enshrined as an opportunity to elect to do the will of God–then do you know what takes place?  Freedom in the soul becomes a magnet, and to that one is given God-power!  And God-power–do you know to do what with? –to initiate spirals of God-direction….

Mankind by their misuse of the energies of the violet flame have lost the ballgame!  And they are completely out of the ballpark, as you would say…They (the ascended masters) are real and I AM real, whereas those who live in illusion, who support illusion, who sponsor illusion–they themselves become a mirage upon the deserts of life.  And they fade out of existence because they have not placed themselves within the lens of God’s consciousness, within the center of His all-seeing Eye.  Because they are not aware of God, God as the awareness of Himself within man is not aware of them.  For He is only aware of that which identifies with reality.     -Great Divine Director:  4-29-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet                                                                                                                                -C. Sindelar


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