God-government is the only government that is important

America…is a great cup of light into which we are so anxious to pour the fullness of the ascended master consciousness that it shall emit the light of example unto mankind in such a forthright power and love that all of the nations of the world shall desire to emulate it rather than that Communistic, selfish doctrine which is spawned from negative energy and from discordant atheism and those things not of the ever-living light and love of God….

The governments of nations have for too long yielded themselves to the power of the money beast.  They have for too long permitted the claws of the sinister force to guide and direct them through selfishness and greed….

Those you who who desire to know more about what I am speaking out to tune into their own ascended master consciousness and then get a picture of Brasilia and see the cities of the future as outpictured in Brasilia in South America where the great seventh civilization–the seventh root race–shall burst into manifestation.  They would see in the architecture of those beautiful buildings some concept of what the God-consciousness can do to elevate and to ennoble the mankind of Earth.

Blessed and beloved ones, these are important matters but it is necessary that the architecture and the framework of individuals be correct.  But it is also necessary that that organization known as government–which is representative of the individual multiplied many times–should also be correct.  And therefore God-government is the only government that is important, and that is truly the meaning of government itself:  God-over-men–government.  So it is intended to be and so shall it be!…

Sanat Kumara has a message for you which I am conveying to you now.  He asks you to take over the responsibility which he himself for so long sustained for the mankind of Earth.  He asks you to take upon your own shoulders the responsibility of being an Atlas to uphold the world and the people of Earth even who in their ignorance and their perfidy go their separate ways from God.  Uphold them now and make calls to the light for them….blessed and beloved ones, our decrees, these decrees are vital for they are the magnificent energy of your worlds given to the ascended masters’ octave to balance that which we give to you in our outpouring….And I am hopeful that you will realize that great intensity and light is necessary in balance in the coming time….

I ask you, what of your life anyway?  Where is your life from?  Is it not from your great God-Source?  Where will it go if you do not give it to that Source?      -Morya El:  7-3-1961 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet


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