Something Missing at the Royal Teton Ranch

If there be any among mankind this hour, no matter what their past sin, if there be any who will determine to align themselves with truth, to espouse truth, to defend her cause, the Lords of Karma will accept these souls and give them the opportunity to make right every jot and tittle of the Law…..
  And thus to be a true teacher of the light you must be able to stand before the disciple to challenge and bind the dweller-on-the-threshhold while speaking the gentle word of truth….The inner conflict is ever and always the dichotomy of the momentum of past ages of sin and oppression that works and strives against the momentum of the Christ that is in the causal body of man.   -Elohim Cyclopea:  8-12-1973 via Messenger ECP
  Although Henry VIII of England and his progeny wore the secular crown they did not wear the spiritual crown of England, as Kuthumi stated in his 1976 Pearls of Wisdom series.  It was left to Mark and Elizabeth Prophet to unite Morya’s agni yoga momentum/design with Saint Germain’s momentums/designs for liberty, which unity Morya announced in Chela and the Path, 1975.
  Now we see the splintering of the Summit Lighthouse outwardly via RTR decisions from ~1997.  The RTR dictates policy and many chelas let them, and the RTR finds much expediency in this.  But they lack something, therefore they wear not the spiritual crown of the land.
  Besides that the RTR staff think their own judgment or whim can suitably replace Guru Ma’s clearly stated word on holy orders given at the 5-13-1997 staff meeting, they don’t practice well the principle of self-monitoring throughout this activity.  What?  Some are too busy bossing others around that they don’t hearken to the Master’s plain teaching.  There must be the principles of right conduct, of self-monitoring, of conservation of holy orders and of due process of the law for all in this activity–regardless of whatever pronouncements a handful of elitists at the RTR come up with.        -R., Mt. Shasta
1.  On 4-30-1997 Guru Ma and the Council of Elders concurred that due process of the law be included in the Articles of Incorporation.  Due process of the law is defined as–from the section “Infractions and Due Process” in Building a New Culture, 1998, which Mother advocated–   “Notice of an alleged infraction; An opportunity to be heard; A distinction between major and minor infractions; Counseling and support (for all parties); A fact-finding process whereby relevant information related to all sides of the issue will be gathered and evaluated; Confidentiality; A prompt and impartial review by a panel of appointed Church representatives unconnected to the people or issues involved.”
 2.  In late December 2004 the Board of Directors and Council of Elders by unanimous vote deleted due process from the Articles of Incorporation.  Before this key vote the Council of Elders/Board of Diorectors eliminated the five Elders who upheld due process from the Council of Elders.  Furthermore just after this key vote, on 1-22-05 the Ministerial Council put out the outrageous lie that due process of the law is not found in the Teachings, at point 4 of January 21, 2005 Letter from Ministerial Council responding back to Timothy Connor.

3.    “The Board of Directors and Elders of Church Universal and Triumphant have exercised their authority to modify the Articles of Incorporation by removing from Article IV the section (Section 12 that put into effect due process) that had been added to it in 1997.”    -Ministerial Council to T. Connor on 1-25-05, pt. 4.

a) …due protection of the law that they (the Kurds) should have been given!  -Saint Germain:  Pearl 34:22
b) …light of the Constitution of the United States, the original covenant made by Saint Germain with the lightbearers to protect them against the enemy within and without this nation.          -Portia:  Pearl 23:50         c)  Indeed, until the rule of law afforded common people protection against wanton murder, the (Christian/Vatican) Church resorted to any means it deemed necessary to maintain its citadel of power.   -Uriel and Aurora:  3-27-97 at RTR
d)  Blessed hearts, the free enterprise system–the ability to enter into competition and to bring forth the highest work–as been destroyed by the monopolies of the fallen ones, by their interference with government controls against these monopolies.      -Archangel Chamuel and Charity:  Pearl 24:10
e)  So let there be the judgment of the core of evil in all those who allow themselves to usurp the mandate of the people, whether appointed official or those elected who assume powers they do not have for they are not God-ordained.    –Gautama Buddha:  7-3-93 at RTR
f)  Challenge those who deny the God-given rights of the citizens of Earth.      –Gautama BuddhaPearl 37:23
g) Therefore pray, I tell you this day, that the Sun Presence which I bring shall expose to you those illusions [of self] that you have come to lean upon and to imagine are real.    -Helios:  7-4-84 at RTR, in Pearl of 10-3-84

h)  And therefore let the fallen ones who think they have control in this world know:  you have no power except God give it you.  Trust not your fates or your plans, for the light’s dominion in the Earth shall have the victory, and those who are not found in the all-seeing Eye of God, they–mark you well–shall not endure.                        -Serapis Bey:  11-27-1987 at Washington, D.C.

i)  Among the heritage of the free world are treasures of document, of precious lives and of love’s labors.  To see that these never become love’s labors lost, people must learn with greater diligence the safeguarding of the gifts and privileges of Life and protection of their own feelings of God-happiness.  A Constitution, a Magna Charta, a Bill of human Rights, a doorway through which our words come (many of which are a heritage and an actual windfall from the love of someone else’s service and labors in God’s name) is only of value as long as esteemed valuable by a world of free men willing to defend if necessary these hard-won blessings for themselves and their posterity.         -Saint Germain:  Pearl 4:7

j)  Bacon in his 1625 essay “On Truth” stated:  “But it is not the lie that passeth through the mind, but the lie that sinketh in and settleth in it, that doeth the hurt.”

  k)  “Some are so close and reserved, as they will not show their wares but by a dark light; and seem always to keep back somewhat;….Some think to bear it by speaking a great word, and being premptory; and go on, and take by admittance that which they cannot make good.  Some, whatsoever is beyond their reach, will seem to despise or make light of it as impertinent or curious; and so would have their ignorance seem judgment….Seeming wise men may make shift to get opinion; but let no man choose them for employment; for certainly you were better take for business a man somewhat absurd than over-formal.”                 -Francis Bacon:  “Of Seeming Wise,” 1625

l)  There is no failure but that which you accept, no victory denied but that which you allow some fallen angel, false-hierarchy impostor of yourself to deny.  There is no backward step that can be imposed upon you unless you yourself lose the sense of self-worth in the I AM Presence.

I am Saint Germain.  To reach me you must take a leap forward and beyond, even into the unknown, and you must be either hot or cold but never lukewarm.  I am in the heart of the violet singing flame.  I await thy call.    -Saint Germain:  4-16-88 dictation via Messenger ECP
m)   It is not a thing of mortals; it is a thing of God.  Yes, beloved, empowerment is of the omnipotence of God.  For you to make this power your own you must become humble.  You must self-monitor, for you do not all have a Guru that is ascended whom you may speak with and talk with….Be players, beloved, for as Morya has said, life is not a spectator sport.  You are making things happen!  You are not spectators.            -Saint Germain:  7-7-94 dictation via Messenger ECP

So think of this, beloved.  Armageddon is taking place inside of you at this very moment.  Most people have a warring in their members, but the dweller-on-the-threshold manages to cover it up.  And so that war is never fought and won by the soul but it is only left there, and that war and that warring is a festering condition within the physical body.  Many of your problems in the physical body or the emotional body or the mind do come from the nonresolution that you have midst the forces of light and darkness….

Remember the circle around the cross, the circle of wholeness, the cross of whitefire.  That wholeness is your goal, then you will be invincible.      -Archangel Michael:  1-1-1996 via Messenger ECP


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