Wherever there is intelligence there I AM amplifying the flow of the intelligent electron.

I keep the flame of cosmic intelligence as the intelling love of God, as the indwelling wisdom, as God telling the ancient story of the Lord and of the Law and of the power of His name in the hearts of all the creation–in elemental life, in the plants and the trees and the gentle creatures.  For although they have not the Christ-intelligence of the threefold flame they have that inner intuition of the intelling of the Lord God…..

Wherever there is intelligence there I AM amplifying the flow of the intelligent electron.  More intelligent than the rebellious generation who have usurped the light of God’s energy are these electrons who have elected to do and to be the will of God.  Their flow is in the flow of the eternal Christos….See how the crystallization of the God-flame which I am must be made your own.  You determine the fate of your own cosmos.      -Archeia Christine:  Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, #4, 1975-6



I say to you, they have taken away the heart of my beloved Magda!  And no child of God to this hour has known where is the heart of Magda–where is the secret of the mystery of Christ-love, where is the mystery of the union of the disciple with her Lord, where is the foundation of Christendom that I have laid in the beginning….

The joy of acceleration in light is incomparable!….

Blessed hearts, the old has already decayed from within.  But it is kept alive in both the devotion of good people and the black magic of a priestcraft that does abuse even the sacrament.  There is a fury of hell in Rome!  Be it said; be it known.  Be it challenged by those in embodiment who are my own whom I call brother and sister.  There is a fury of hell moving through Protestantism as there has been from the beginning; for no church can survive without the call to Archangel Michael, to my blessed Mother and to the saints of God.   -Jesus the Christ:  4-19-1987, Easter, at Dallas, see https://books.google.com/books?id=v9-n6keDGDMC&pg=PA183&dq=magda+clare+prophet&hl=en&sa=X&ei=vw6SVZjYH8yWygSH2bzABA&ved=0CDUQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=magda%20clare%20prophet&f=false


I touch your foreheads that you might know who are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Blessed hearts, call for this discernment of spirits fervently from the Holy Spirit and your living Christ.    -Saint Germain:  4-18-1987 at Dallas via Messenger ECP

IMG_0495-madonna lily at Lake Siskiyou


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