There can be but one true direction, and all other efforts will be errant.

III, v, 8.  Let us imagine a man imbued with the thought that his two eyes see differently.  Of course he will be right, but by this very thought he will ruin his eyesight. Coordination of reflexes is difficult, but it alone assures successful operation of the apparatus.  The difference between the eyes is what gives perspective to the thing seen.     –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

105.  Often the students themselves do not understand their destination.  The teacher, as a friend, prepares them in the best direction.  No compulsion is applicable in schools.

140, 143.  The true traveler reflects lucidly on the path which lies behind and clearly expresses the desired direction.  He will appraise former circumstances and will foresee the better possibilities….One may wish either to proceed by the difficult way or to apprehend the usefulness of cooperation, but the direction of evolution remains unchangeable.

160, 161, 177.  We particularly study the will which can be sharper than an arrow. It is impossible to guard against these arrows.  One could hold out a shield if one knew the precise direction of the arrows.  But who can know this direction?…it is equally improper for a leader to change the direction into reverse. No one can be guided by the personal, but by comparing the values as to the common good it is possible to choose the quickest path….Forcing psychic energy into a direction foreign to it will be a most dangerous aspect of compulsion.

200.  The conscious community excludes two enemies of society–precisely inequality and heirdom.  And inequality leads to tyranny.  Heirdom is a compromise, and it brings in corruption of the foundations.  Needed is clarity of construction, a dislike of conventionalities, and faith in children as a symbol of the progress of mankind.

259, 267.  Opening the right door will give the right direction….Two sailors were shipwrecked and cast away on a desert island.  Both nearly perished from hunger and terror, for they considered themselves forever cut off from the world.  A ship picked them up.  And later there was erected on the island a strong lighthouse.  These same two sailors remained at the light-house, to save the other perishing ones. Now their frame of mind was altered.  They were happy, directing the light of rescue and no longer feeling themselves cut off from the world.  This means that realization of communion with the world and of usefulness to others completely transforms people.           -M:  Community 1926

51, 237, 345, 441.  It is right to remember that work with us has but a single direction–that of co-measurement and goal-fitness.  The one who betrays his path is simply bereft of these qualities, and his fate is like that of a kitten at sea….The one who knows the direction of his flight is like an eagle soaring across an abyss….Two birds, flying in different flocks, cannot become united as one.  It is necessary to exercise thought, not mentally, but with the fire of the spirit until all disunity of thought disappears….Experienced sailors look at the sea in two ways. They distinguish two currents–one visible at the surface is of no importance, the other below the surface and not easily discernible has real power and offers either safety or peril.         -Morya:  Agni Yoga 1929

6, 103, 257.   But first comes the direction, then the connection and then the means.  One must not spoil this sacred recourse by doubt….Keeping a correct direction is already a victory.  Our help is ready to pour forth, but it must be for someone and into something.  Who then can aid us with straight and simple striving?  The heart will help find this current and also the true path….In battle none may have two swords.  Nor does one throw two spears or shoot two arrows.  One can achieve by only a single thrust and through the valor of a sole striving.  It is difficult but success is near the fire of the heart.

562.   When we ask you to propel all forces in one direction it means that you must be as taut as a bow.  One should know how to live in readiness, and such a quality also demands great training.  But do not attempt to use this heart energy for revenge–this is inadmissible.       -M:  Heart 1932

396.   One should attract many minds to these researches; they will also observe in passing other useful peculiarities of feelings.  Thus one should first establish the direction of evolution.  There cannot be two directions of progress.  There can be but one true direction, and all other efforts will be errant.  This should be remembered, because many confuse individuality with the general stimulus of the epoch.    -M:  Fiery World 1933


Being in the invisible this order (the Great White Brotherhood)comprising the alchemists of the Spirit requires a union with embodied humanity.  By only through this association can we formulate the most beautiful sustaining concepts that will enable the entire house of the world to breathe the air of freedom and to be infused with the fires of destiny in its ondividual and collective aspects.

Men must see and know that as he is and as he does so others see and do.  Thus in perception and in action man can endow the pages of history with a revelatory illumination thereby fulfilling the fiats of God “Take dominion over the earth!” and “Set the example for the age!” With each act of grace man becomes endowed with more grace….There is never any need–regardless of what outer manifestations or vile astral energies may seek entrance to your world–to yield to these depradations.      -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:17

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