The deceits that are practiced in the world today which are intended to make puppets out of humanity cause them to scoff

The deceits that are practiced in the world today which are intended to make puppets out of humanity cause them to scoff at truth and at the things of the Spirit.  They laugh but their mirth shall be cut short.  Their boldness comes from those arch enemies of righteousness who themselves believe and tremble but would tutor mankind otherwise….The unholy alliances that have deceived many among the youth, that have sought to encase mankind in the mustiness of orthodoxy centuries old, and that even today seek to forbid the heavenly manna from being placed before the children of men are but cutting themselves off from life and truth….for darkness will cease and all who follow it, all who pursue it in its many ramifications that lead from the narrow isthmus of self to the colossal conspiracy of the legions of the night will be ultimately dragged down by their own debauchery….

All must create a healthy vision of spiritual possibilities not for their own lives per se but also for the humanity of this Earth….The rulers of the darkness may not be complacent, but little do they know how many people love justice, mercy and truth….In his overconfidence the enemy shall find that he has overstepped his bounds.  The people of the world are sick and tired of destruction and of excessive greed, of the fostering of hatred against races and nations, of the spread of the religions of darkness, of witchcraft and of the perversion of the natural life that are recurring now upon the planetary body….The traitors must be exposed….

Let us ask them (the powers of light and illumination from the Great Central Sun) to expose those who would dominate the freewill of the sons of God.  Let us ask that the deceivers be made known to the consciousness of the masses, that they may learn to repudiate them swiftly and not to be deterred in their spiritual search by the activities of these few children of darkness who have risen to positions of power.    -El Morya:  Pearl 12:42


The philosophy of Communism and of the supremacy of the state may thrive on what we will call a false humility, the wearing of garments of protest and the shunning of more refined aspects of living.  This is the sacrifice of individual self-mastery to the lowest common denominator of the group karma.  Those who promote these attitudes either do not understand or they are unwilling to accept the reality that man’s spiritual and real progress does not come from outward sources but from his own reality and the sense of beauty that he holds within….

The way to real peace in the world, both at home and abroad, is to amplify the concept of the abundant life.  Peace is best preserved by adhering to the principles of freedom…many follow the way of poverty simply because they are unwilling to make the effort to do a great work in the world.  They lack either the capacity or the will to create for themselves an abundant life….Those who follow in the steps of the Brotherhood see all things as belonging to God, and they see themselves as stewards of His grace….They recognize that creativity can harness the secrets of the universe for the good of all….

The principle of the abundant life is the principle of the Great White Brotherhood that keeps the soul open to God from the top and that enables the flow of reality to beam constantly into the chalice of the individual lifestream….The purpose of life in the evolutionary stream is the shedding of error and the mastering of perfection….A free society can rise no higher than the thinking of its best leaders….

How great He is and how great man can be!  How abundant and delightful are His hopes and plans for all of humanity.     -Lord Maitreya:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:43           IMG_6517




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