why the Law must act in the severity of the discipline in this mystery school:

This is the purpose of God-government:  it is always the governing of the flow of energy from God to man….This is why the Law must act in the severity of the discipline in this mystery school:  for you see the discipline must call a halt to all that is less than the fulfillment of the divine plan because you have known the Law for ages and ages and because the urgency of the hour is so great….

When mankind reach this extremity and their realization that they are helpless before the powers of this world, then comes the moment of absolute reliance upon God.  Then that reliance produces the opening of the heart….

It is necessary to be spontaneous in the Spirit, in the flow of sacred fire for the conveyance of the word that is needed…–the word that is needed to pierce misunderstanding and ignorance, to shatter the hatred and the viciousness of the fallen ones and to enable a soul to stand in the presence of the living God….The sangha of the Buddha is the community, and in that community the strength of the oneness of the flame is the strength for the individual overcoming….

I warn you, blessed ones, that in your nation’s capital at top levels of government there are individuals who are the pawns of the fallen ones, who are on the strings of the fallen ones as puppets, and they are moving more swiftly than you will ever know this nation into the darkest cycle of her history….I encourage you then to give calls on the economy and on the exposures of those who have blasphemed the Word of God in the economy.  This requires the calling forth of [judgment and the will of God upon] those who have set up the multinational corporations, the Federal Reserve System, the System of Social Security and Income Tax….

You see, the price you pay for peace is obedience to the inner Law of Self.    -Gautama Buddha:  5-3-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger E C Prophet


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