rivalry of Gog and Magog

One of the methods man has sought to employ is sexual union.  For as man or woman seek one another they are in reality seeking the other half of the divine Whole, but they know it not.  They think to achieve through physical union that wholeness that can be known only through the soul with its Self–with the higher Self and with one’s own beloved twinflame.  Such union brings both male and female into that wholesome state of the androgynous nature of God.

However, mankind seek to find it through euphoria, through LSD [and other hallucinogenic drugs] and other external or so-called violent means….These create an artificial expansion of consciousness that cannot possibly pass the borders of the great temples of light of the masters, one that is limited forever to an exploration of the subterranean levels of astral records…..

In the higher octaves the power of the gentle love of the Holy Spirit administers the elixir of consciousness to mankind in a fashion calculated to create universal enjoyment of the kingdom that God has made, that God is.  Do not sell your birthright, your cosmic birthright, blessed ones, for a mess of pottage.  Do not let hunger for an accelerated expansion or the attainment of superpowers lead you to bargain away the carefully guided fulfillment of your life’s opportunities as the ascended masters take you by the hand and safely lead you into realms of light.        -Elohim Astrea:  Keepers of the Flame Lesson #24


the very first precepts of ascended master Law:  God is the only reality, the only life and the only power in the universe.  God and man are inseparable as the divine One.  All that has determined to manifest imperfection has placed itself outside of this oneness, far afield from God’s saving grace–until it elects to return to the state of divine union.    -Messengers M & E Prophet:  Paths of Light and Darkness, 2005, p. 214


…two rival forces representing as it were the king of the North and the king of the South–both anti-God.  These kings however, not located in the earth but located beyond this solar system, sent their forces for the conquering of worlds.  And they used every conceivable and inconceivable means to thwart the plan of Almighty God and to outsmart one another….These archenemies (part of the Nephilim ones) therefore, by their mutual hatreds, unite only for the destruction of the living Word and the Christ who is their common enemy…..

Why do you suppose the Lord Sanat Kumara called Abnraham out of Ur of the Chaldees?  It was to separate out the seed of light to bring them into a far country and to allow once again the purity of the I AM race to have the genetic structure through which to embody, free of the manipulation of the fallen ones who were even then encamped around that city…..

For in the rivalry of Gog and Magog they required more and more forces…that the final outcome might be seen as a victory for one of the two head rivals.   All of this human creation therefore was for that purpose and that end….Now understand where you see this death-grip and where you see this locking-in of deadly combat, understand you will find the ancient rivalry that must be bound.        -Archangel Uriel:  10-7-1983 via Messenger ECP, see https://books.google.com/books?id=b85i1XtUU-gC&pg=PA283&lpg=PA283&dq=clare+prophet+gog+magog+uriel&source=bl&ots=NgN5NIC3XU&sig=06XuRq0ktHQQ6VuMi7u3JkRixdU&hl=en&sa=X&ei=yvFTVe7TK8uqogTiuoCgDQ&ved=0CB8Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20gog%20magog%20uriel&f=false



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