I come forth in the fullness of the emerald ray and the crystal-fire mists

Mankind does not apprehend the consciousness of its own holiness.  You are jewels in the eyes of God; you must hold your attention upon that purity which is your life and the life of every man. (So I come) to draw together the hearts of men, to pledge to you the faith of the Great Silent Watcher in the destinies which you have in cosmic union with one another.  Cosmic unity must be brought about first by union with the Divine One and then the outer field of cosmic unity in physical manifestation will be naturally following….We can give you a cosmic idea.  It is you who must elect to pursue it and to dedicate yourself to it and to fulfill its destiny.    -Elohim Cyclopea:  9-21-1963 via Messenger Mark Prophet

I come forth in the fullness of the emerald ray and the crystal-fire mists out of which the creation is called forth to coalesce in Mater the perfect mind, the perfect form, the perfect heart of the avatars….I AM here to reinforce reality and truth and to anchor in this city an electrode of truth that will divest the human consciousness of its self-deception.

Let that which resists the truth of God be exposed within you everyone!  And let that courage of the will of God rise from within your heart to see that which is not so pleasant–that aspect of self which is the shadow that hinders the full light of the Presence from manifesting;…you can carry not the rebellion, not the reservation of the self that refuses to surrender.  But you can carry light and you too can be an avatar, a world teacher in this age!  The choice is yours.  That which you refuse to surrender will ultimately be taken at a cost and at a price, and that price is your own soul’s initiation in the flame.  Consider well for by your choice you may well determine the fate and destiny of an entire planet.  For victories are won erg by erg and not by a mighty thrust and a sudden burst but by the daily constancy of keeping the flame hour by hour by hour.     -Elohim Cyclopea:  2-16-1975 at San Francisco via Messenger ECP




And sometimes we may have desires on the conscious level to follow the Master, to serve others, but other desires we are not fully aware of at other levels of being (may) work at cross purposes to our conscious choices.  Gautama Buddha gives us a key to the resolution of our desires and calls us to pray for God-desire at all levels of our being:

“I counsel you that the thoughts you think in the outer mind and the words you speak do not necessarily reflect the momentums of your desires in the subconscious or the momentum of the spiritual pride or even some rebellion that does set you on a course on which God has not set you.”   -Messenger ECP, see https://books.google.com/books?id=78K65OTuFewC&pg=PA14&dq=clare+prophet+cross+purposes&hl=en&sa=X&ei=PSNNVafwENW4ogTE5YCQDw&ved=0CDIQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20cross%20purposes&f=false


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