There is no turning back on the path of salvation

1)  The emerald matrix is an inner blueprint, the inner formula unique to your God Presence in the very heart of the permanent atom of Self that is for the precipitation in the physical plane of the inner Self.  It is the sign of the descent of the inner light into outer manifestation.  The ascended masters deliver the initiation of the emerald matrix to us through a transfer of light. The ascended master Saint Germain directed the Messenger to use a Catham emerald for the sealing of the servants of God in their foreheads as she traveled across the nations.   -Messenger ECP, in Age of the Divine Mother, pp. 327-8

2)  As Jesus proclaimed himself the very cause for his birth and for his entering into this octave is to “bear witness unto the truth,”  thus you understand the Office of the Two Messengers–bringing forth truth–also coming under the emerald ray.    -Queen  of Light:  Pearls of Wisdom 25:43

3)  This Office of the Emerald Matrix we have placed upon this one, this woman who comes to you representing your own Mother-flame.    -Virgo and Pelleur:  Pearl 25:61

4)  I am the angel immaculate.  From the snowy peaks of Shasta, from the Himalayas and the Rockies I send forth the piercing light of purity which unfortunately reveals the aberrations of the divine plan as well as the soul’s immaculate conception in the heart of God….

There is no turning back on the path of salvation for there is no turning back of the cycles of karma once they are released.  Therefore Jesus admonished:  “No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62).  Those who begin the ascent, the arduous climb to the highest summit, must not turn back when initiation confronts them in the way, for the alternative to passing every test and submitting to every initiation is to be subject unto the concentrated release of one’s own karma….

What must mankind do to merit the intercession of the Mother?….When mankind shall receive the Mother in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit then they will have unlimited access to the flowing fountain of Her purity, Her all-consuming love.       -Archeia Hope:  Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, #8, 1975-6

5)  These worlds are created through the magnetization of Spirit form and matter-form around nuclei-suns, each sun a flaming idea projected from the Mind of God, each sun sustaining a hub of activity that compliments the central flame of Life.    -Messengers M & E Prophet:  Climb the Highest Mountain, p. 313

6)  …yet will there be some who will have attained these powers through mere intellect; they will abuse these privileges, having not the Spirit, and these sinful ones will the perfect in Evil assail that karma shall overtake them.  Having had much given unto them, of them shall much be demanded, wherefore their karmic atonement will be more intense than words can depict.             -Phylos :  A Dweller on Two Planets, Borden Pub., 1950, p. 441

IMG_0361-Shasta from due west




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