There is no need for incompleteness

I tell you truly that the intricate ideas piled up in the memory body of humanity often become an oppressive weight which does not give wings to the hungry spirit yearning to soar.  By a like token the dire threats that seem in the hands of impersonal Nature to bode ill to humanity are only the accretion of man’s personal inhumanity….I do not say that men and women are not accountable for their actions and that they may not merit destruction if their deeds be weighed.  I do say that this mercy that endureth forever yearns to make man free from the weight even of his own karma.  The acceptance of the Christ-identity of every man by every man is the means whereby the forces of freedom can sever the cords that bind the souls of men.    -Helios:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:29IMG_0176IMG_0172 IMG_0179

Wesak is next Sunday 3 May at 8:42 p.m. PDT


My responsibility is to release through the fiery core of my heart energies for healing, for science, for truth, for the enlightenment of souls by the law of mathematics of the energy flow, the energy systems that can and will contribute to wholeness and the integration of souls with the life that is God here on the planet Earth….

His (the Maha Chohan before the Karmic Board) statement was that at the very foundation of the problem of disease, of sickness of every type was the estrangement of the soul from the Spirit Most Holy.  In the light of this assessment he pointed out how troubling world conditions, manufactured to a large extent by the fallen ones, were specifically calculated to separate the soul from the serenity of the Divine Mother and from the energy flow of the Holy Spirit….

(Hilarion continued at another time:)  There is no need for incompleteness, There is no need for a lack, for an incomplete manifestation in the four lower bodies when life is understood.  Life with all the fullness of God Himself comes to all each day in every breath, and the secrets of healing are themselves lodged within this divine pneuma….For there is no limit to that which you can outpicture by the power of love if you will hold intact within you the perfect design.        -Hilarion, in M & E Prophet:  Lords of the Seven Rays, 1, 1986, pp. 210-6


I commend you to her (Pallas Athena) and to the dispensation that she holds in hand for truth to be disseminated among the nations.  The messenger of the Great Central Sun has stood before the Lords of Karma this day that Keepers of the Flame might know in writing petitions this year that the dispensation that is forthcoming that may be applied for–that special bank of energy set aside and reserved for lightbearers–is a dispensation of truth and of the carrying of the message of truth and of the Word and the implementation of the ray of truth in the building of the City–the City Foursquare within and the citadel of righteousness where the right use of the Law may be taught and won in the community teaching centers.  They are indeed citadels of righteousness for there is the way of the threefold flame unfolding as the open door–open from within, open from without that the children of truth may come and go in the Master’s house.    -Hilarion:  12-29-1976 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP


Stop your wishing and your willing, my children.  Cease your murmuring and your struggling against the flame of Life.  And when the day is over and you have fought the good fight of keeping the flame of harmony–let go!  Oh, let go, my children!  Let all that you have held dear go into the flame.  Fear not for I am near and our God is also here–a consuming fire of immortal desire desiring to be free.  Let God’s energy and all of the patterns you have superimposed thereon flow into the central sun of your own divine reality.  Let go of your worldly accomplishments and of your spiritual accomplishments.  Let go of your name and your fame and the coordinates of your awareness in matter.  Give all to God and let Him give back to you that which He desires you to keep….And while you sleep at night let the Holy Spirit cleanse and purify every cell and atom, your innermost thoughts and feelings and every shadowed shaft that hides in the folds of your garments….Let go of the things that you think you must have.  Let go of the things that you think in your pride you will never do or the things you think you will always do.  Let go of all human attachments.  Let go of every ambition except God’s desiring within you to be God.     -Archeia Mary, in M and E Prophet:  The Age of the Divine Mother, 2006, pp. 136-7


Precious ones, the way of the White Tara is the way of those who see the ultimate need of humanity and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  Because of their sense of timing they read the timing of the Lord.  They are mathematicians with me; they are architects of a vast destiny.  They see the timing of the enemy and they know that for the game of point/counterpoint they must be as a shaft of sacred fire, as the point of diamond, as the discipline of energy.    -Serapis Bey, with White Tara:  12-30-1977 via Messenger ECP



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