the role of protecting the Woman and Her seed; psychic world described by Astrea

Come closer now into my heart as I impart to you the fragrance of Motherhood, the aura of Motherhood, and as I crown those who would be protector of the Divine Mother with the crown of Joseph, of Saint Germain, of the masculine ray that you might enter into the majesty of being a knight of the Table Round as you, sons of flame, accept the role of protecting the Woman and Her seed…..

So then the flame goes forth for the divine family.  So you carry that flame and you are well qualified now….And do you know that each one of you can become the center of another hallowed circle of enlightenment?  You can give forth the Teaching; you can magnetize light….Let the children come nigh; let the souls of those yearning to give birth to a higher way of life come forth.  Let them be released by the Lords of Karma.  Let them be received by all who wait upon the Lord as brides of the Holy Spirit, as the husband of the Cosmic Virgin.                  -Archeia Mary: 6-16-1974 at Burbank via Messenger E C Prophet

AmitabhaMother Mary by Ruth Hawkins

The psychic world is the world of images.  It is a hall of mirrored forms, but these are not necessarily arranged in any form of order.  The modes of the inhabitants of the psychic world resemble almost the sea itself in depth.  A seemingly weightless condition persists there and forms may be tipped at any angle and piled up haphazardly as the substance of which dreams are made.  A sense of timelessness is also apparent–with the past, present and future all blending into a montage of incongruent ideas.

There are segments of the psychic world where a greater degree of order pervades, and this is in complete contradistinction to the disorder that pervades others.  This is because the psychic world is a cross-section of humanity….

The ascended masters’ octave is the quintessence of beauty because it is the realm of communication with the Mos High God.  There is no struggle there between egos seeking to exhibit control over those on earth who cannot see their flimsy, ghost-like forms.  There is no power madness, no power complex, no power politics but only the gentle childlike expression of the Christ…..we see also by contrast the midnight hours surfeited with orgies of sex, of witchcraft and of the spirits that partook of the Tree of Good and Evil and the knowledge thereof–seen as bonewhite trees stripped of reality extending their barren and unfragrant branches upon the black canopy of the night.  This is the midnight hour of the psychic.  It is always the realm of death and decay struggling to preserve some remnant of itself alive….

The psychic world is well organized and complete with its own hierarchies.  The False Hierarchy that dwells there utilizing the interplay of forces between man and God continues to reach out into the world of form as the roaring lion seeking whom they may devour.  Their manifestations are legion, and all of the warfare upon Earth and the misunderstandings between people are the result of their intransigent energies.

You cannot possibly know as we do how frightful these forces are.  Yet I say to you that the battle of Armageddon is the tremendous focalization of astral energies and moon substance that acts upon the water body of man–the astral body–and influences it as the tides are influenced by the moon.  This is the veritable enemy of every man.  Yet men love the darkness of the moon and of the mortal drama more than they love the light of God which has not yet breathed its tangible reality into their manifest minds–that is to say, they have no memory of it–the doorway to that beauty of divine perfection having been lost, which they once knew when they were in the bosom of God.

I urge upon all a shunning of the vicious astral forces and a searching as never before for the wonders of the divine Mind.  You must learn to commune with the realities of God of which you have not yet dreamt, for “eye hat not seen nor ear heard [the mysteries of God], neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.”         -Elohim Astrea:  Keepers of the Flame Lesson #23


Heart, Head and Hand Decrees    by El Morya

(heart chakra)  Violet fire thou love divine,/ Blaze within this heart of mine!                            Thou art mercy forever true,/ Keep me always in tune with you;                                                 I AM light, thou Christ in me,/ Set my mind forever free,                                                           Violet fire forever shine/ Deep within this mind of mine;                                                             God who gives my daily bread/ With violet fire fill my head/                                                      Till Thy radiance heavenlike/ Makes my mind a mind of light;                                                    I AM the hand of God in action/ Gaining victory every day,                                                       My pure soul’s great satisfaction/ Is to walk the middle way

(secret chamber of heart)  Beloved I AM Presence bright,/ Round me seal your tube of light  From ascended master flame/ Called forth now in God’s own name–                                        Let it keep my temple free/ From all discord sent to me;                                                             I AM calling forth violet fire/ To blaze and transmute all desire,                                                  Keeping on in freedom’s name/ Till I am one with the violet flame

(seat of soul chakra)  I AM forgiveness acting here,/ Casting out all doubt and fear,                 Setting men forever free/ With wings of cosmic victory;                                                                I AM calling in full power/ For forgiveness every hour–                                                             To all life in every place/ I flood forth forgiving grace

(eye chakra)  I AM free from fear and doubt/ Casting want and misery out,                             Knowing now all good supply/ Ever comes from realms on high;                                               I AM the hand of God’s own fortune/ Flooding forth the treasures of light,                             Now receiving full abundance/ To supply each need of life!

(throat chakra)  I AM Life of God-direction,/ Blaze Thy light of truth in me!                           Focus here all God’s perfection,/ From all discord set me free;                                                     Make and keep me anchored ever/ In the justice of Thy plan–                                                   I AM the presence of perfection/ Living the life of God in man

(crown chakra)  I AM changing all my garments,/ Old ones for the bright new day,                 With the sun of understanding/ I AM shining all the way;                                                            I AM light within, without,/ I AM light is all about:                                                                       Fill me, free me, glorify me!/  Seal me, heal me, purify me!                                                          Until transfigured they describe me,                                                                                                 I AM shining like the Son,/ I AM shining like the sun!

(solar plexus chakra)  I AM the flame of resurrection/ Blazing God’s pure light through me,  Now I AM raising every atom,/ From every shadow I AM free;                                                     I AM the light of God’s full Presence,/ I AM living ever free,                                                        Now the flame of Life eternal/ Rises up to victory

(base of spine chakra)  I AM ascension light,/ Victory flowing free,                                             All of good won at last/ For all eternity;                                                                                       I AM light, all weights are gone,/ Into the air I raise,                                                                   To all I pour with full God-power/ My wondrous song of praise:                                                  All hail!  I AM the living Christ,/ The ever-loving one,                                                                     Ascended now with full God-power,/ I AM a blazing sun!

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