Watch for the initiations of the all-seeing Eye.


America is an experiment of the Great White Brotherhood.  No psychological or astrological predictions determine her fate.  There is nothing automatic about the fulfillment of a cosmic destiny.  America is simply opportunity, the gift of freedom–like the gift of freewill–in the hands and the hearts of a peculiar people.  If indeed there is to be a cosmic destiny forged and won on this continent it will be because this people have made the work of the ages their own.

Hard work has brought us to this moment in our history and hard work will bring us to the sealing of the capstone in the pyramid of our life.    -Messenger of the Brotherhood E C Prophet:  The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, 1976, p. vii


Life is incomplete without the vision of the goal….I hold within my brow God’s awareness of life as the all-seeing, all-knowing manifestation….And when the debris of the lie is cleared–the coming of truth, the crystallization of truth; for mankind shall know the truth in this age and the truth shall make them free!…You are the keystone in the arch of the sacred aum!  You are the keystone between the pillars of Alpha and Omega, and the keystone that you are is the all-seeing Eye even in the temple of your body sacred….

Be then the focus of truth and watch how as watchmen on the wall of life, by letting the beacon of the all-seeing Eye go forth into the night, you clear a path–yea, carve a path–a light-ray whereby souls will find the path of initiation and the entering-in to the true cosmic purpose of identity.  [Silence]  I call thee forth, O light of the Eye of God!  Come forth within each one!  Come forth!  Come forth and be the beacon to all souls yearning to be free!…

And I leave you with this word:  watch!  Watch that ye enter not into temptation.  Watch for the initiations of the all-seeing Eye.  Guard the vision and thereby guard the victory!  Watch, and let no man, no woman take the crown, the capstone of life.  I AM Cyclopea!      7-3-1975 at Mt. Shasta via Messenger E C Prophet



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