When man’s best is not good enough to become a universal standard

1)  When man’s best is not good enough to become a universal standard then it is best that his sphere of influence be less than universal.  The removal of the nation-state removes the last means (besides severe cataclysm) of limiting the proliferation of error until man himself is able to transcend the limitations of his false indoctrination.

We must conclude that until the “specialists” who are slated to take charge of the proposed one-world ecosystem acknowledge the Christ-potential of every member of the biosphere and self-mastery becomes the primary goal of education, until the purpose of government is seen to be the protection of the Christ in every man,  a worldwide system of control is in danger of being used by the wrong people for the wrong ends.  Only when the specialists themselves are working consciously toward oneness with the Christ Self can they be trusted to preserve the freedoms that are essential to every man’s realization of the Christ; only then can they be trusted to carve out the destiny of an entire planetary evolution.    -Messengers M and E Prophet:  Climb the Highest Mountain, 1972, p. 486

2)  Until the feminine principle of the Godhead is ennobled in each man and each woman the Christ cannot be born.      -Messengers M and E Prophet:  My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord, 1974, p. 17

The prayer “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us…” settled* the Nestorian heresy which arose from the mouth of Anastasius–“Let no one call Mary the Mother of God, for Mary was a human being, and that God should be born of a human being is impossible;”…the Council at Ephesus affirmed the Motherhood of God for all of Christendom….

To mother means to give birth to, to give rise to, to care for and to protect.  Therefore to be the mother of God is to give birth to, to care for and to protect His flame on earth.  To mother the flame of Spirit in the plane of matter is the calling of the feminine ray in both man and woman.  -Messenger ECP:  My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord, pp. 118-9                                                               *settled–until the Protestant Revolution

3)  Some know not that their souls yearn for the light of the Divine Mother for they are surfeited in intellectual pride and arrogance.  They have sought Her in many ways, but they have been given the chaff instead of the wheat.  They have not been given even a morsel of the true consciousness and the true wisdom of the Mother.  Beware then that you become not puffed up with the wisdom of the world, with the intellectual meanderings that carry the mind far afield from its attunement with the Christ.     -Archeia Mary:  7-23-1972 at Accra via Messenger ECP

4)  Individuals seek without for that which is already within.  Just as the entire pattern of nature is manifest in the seed, so in the divine seed the living Word is the inherent God-identity, Christ-identity and soul-identity of every man.    -Serapis Bey:  Pearls of Wisdom 5-7-1967

5)  Your causal body has a focalpoint for the release of energy of the hierarchy of Capricorn (and of all 12 solar hierarchies as one moves through the year), and your four lower bodies are capable of releasing that flow if you can transmute all impediments to that flow.   -Messenger ECP:  7-5-1975 at Mt. Shasta

6)  One may call at the entry of the Sun into a new astrologic sign each month in this wise:  “In the name of the Mighty I AM, beloved Helios and the Great Central Sun Magnet, beloved God Obedience and the seven mighty Elohim:  I call for the modulation of the frequencies of the light of the solar hierarchies from Aries to Taurus (or name the relevant signs) for the greater good; seize, bind and lock all conceit, deceit, arrogance and ego, all disobedience, stubbornness and defiance of the Law, all moon substance and all that is not of the light into mighty Astrea’s cosmic circle and sword of blue flame of a thousand suns and blaze megatons of cosmic light, blue lightning rays and violet fire in, through and around all that opposes or attempts to interfere with the fulfillment of my God-control and God-obedience and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles” (name relevant misqualified energies and relevant God-virtues for the other signs when one gets to the entry of the Sun again, or at other times when one feels it is necessary–in that case drop the “modulation of frequencies” bit).   see The Great White Brotherhood in the History, Culture and Religion of America, pp. 205-6

7)  There is the point of choice that is known as the wye (Y) in the path–there is the point at which you must elect to take the right-handed path or the left-handed path.  The right-handed path is taking the knowledge of the Brotherhood, the initiations and the energies of the I AM Presence and using these solely to the glory of the flame and to the service of humanity.  The left-handed path is taking all of this and using it to the glory of the ego; this path has been outpictured in the way of Satanism, in the way of the inverted five-pointed star whereby the Christ is inverted, the carnal mind is elevated and all of the energies that God gives are used for the gratification of the senses and the gratification of the ego.  Unfortunately the right- and the left-handed paths are not so clearly defined when the choices come….

In each age there has been a master and a group of devotees who have carried the balance so that the Earth could survive and civilization could continue with continuity.     -Messenger ECP:  7-3-1975 at Mt. Shasta

IMG_02698)  excellent and profound history of US banking by Rothbard, 1982 and 2002, selected passages shown.  Jay Cooke, key Civil War financier who played a key role in the very dark conspiracy against Abe Lincoln, is detailed quite closely and clearly amid the treacherous waters of finance:  http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Banks/HxBankBefore20thCen_HMB.html


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