the loss of the vision of his inner self



But with his (man’s) departure from innocence came the loss of his whole-eye consciousness, the loss of the vision of his inner self and of wonders and beings beyond the veil of flesh.  having lost the vision of his origin–of his divine heritage and of his relationship to his I AM Presence–man was reduced to the level of homo sapiens.   -Messenger M & E Prophet:  Climb the Highest Mountain, p. 86


Beloved ones, the key to mastery which was taught to us by the great hierophant at Luxor as we prepared for the final mission of our service–the key that he gave to us that so often meant so much in the hours of trial–was to impersonalize evil and the carnal mind, not only to impersonalize one’s own frailties but also to impersonalize the invectives that are slung by others.  If you can always see beyond the human to the Christ standing behind the mask then you will never be fooled by the mask or cast down by it, and most of all you will not react to the mask in yourself or in others….

And so at the request of Lord Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the World, a program has been initiated for the incoming souls whereby they have learned on the inner a special means of insulating the consciousness by the flame of purity and of protection from all of the discord of the world.  And you will see that these precious ones will have that filament of light around them whereby they will not take on the ways of the world…until the age of reason when they can choose the godly way on their own.    -Archeia Mary:  10-9-1970 at Santa Barbara via Messenger E C Prophet


And thus the Lord Jesus with me serves now to be, with the hosts of the LORD, the open door for freedom in America and in every nation–this is the open door which no man can shut.  But I tell you, people of Earth, it is up to you to claim that freedom.    -Saint Germain:  “Message to America and the People of Earth”


Wherever you are is infinity….Infinity is the converging of Alpha and Omega within the heart; it is the cosmic cross of whitefire; it is the sum potential of you in the center of the aum….

Morya has said, “Forevermore down the corridors of eternity the formula of Be-ness echoes as the mathematics of the spoken Word:  I AM WHO I AM.  This, the very first equation of Being and Consciousness, is the foundation of your alchemical experiment that leads to the fullness of that life which is God.”  (In The Chela and the Path, 1975-6, p. 59)…

When we declare I AM WHO I AM, in the fiery core of the heart there is a surging of intense light from the I AM Presence in concentration.  When you say I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God there is the bursting of the atom and you feel all these particles of light going out and bursting and filling a cosmos.    -Messenger ECP:  7-5-1975 at Mt. Shasta


Do you know, precious ones, that these books are written in many tongues–the tongues of angels and cosmic beings and the languages that come from other systems of worlds and other interpretations of the Logos?  And so we have placed the keys to the deciphering of the code in the aura of our Messenger.  And do you know that each of the seven archangels who are addressing you, mankind, in this series has his own engrams of light, his own hieroglyphs of the Word?  These pass through the Christ-mind of our Messenger and are delivered to you in the language of your udnerstanding and in the language which the LORD God has used to deliver to mankind the Teachings of the I AM in this age.    -Archeia Mary:  Vials of the Seven Last Plagues, #10


Now show me also as the days pass into the years how you will retain the fervor of victory!…Now then the cycles roll!  And I would tell you that that one, that fallen one that is called by the name of Satan a number of cycles ago was also bound and remains bound.  And therefore for that thousand-year period of the binding of that one there is hope, there is opportunity, there is the most tremendous momentum for the expansion of the flame that the world has known for thousands of years…See then that you understand that Victory’s flame is the momentum whereby you challenge every lie and every remnant of the seed of the fallen ones….
So be the wave of light going forth from Shasta!    -Mighty Victory:  7-6-1975 at Mt. Shasta  via Messenger ECP


DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Apr 15, 2015

Moscow does not have any S-300 air defense missiles available for Iran, despite President Vladimir Putin’s decree for ending their embargo, DEBKAfile reports exclusively. The Russian arms industry can’t keep up with Russia’s own army’s rising needs in the Ukraine war for this advanced system for knocking out warplanes and missiles. Another hurdle is the lack of Iranian teams capable of operating any of the S-300 categories.


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