mightier than an avalanche of snow and ice

The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta seeks the integration by the action of the eighth ray of all hearts who are afire with the love of bringing Earth into that point of initiation of the resurrection and the ascension….So let it be this day from etheric levels that energy goes forth!  It is the energy of victory–mightier than an avalanche of snow and ice.  So the golden oil rolls with a power that will not be stayed….

We seal Shasta in Mother light.  We seal this day physical atoms, atoms at every plane.  So let it be the focalpoint then for the raising of the culture of Lemuria even as that focalpoint is the place of the heart of the devotee….

Now let mankind know that the One True God is able to raise up a mighty people, a mighty continent, a mighty following unto the glory of the I AM THAT I AM.  And this precipitation of the golden elixir shall be a monument to the Great Divine Director.  And it shall be for the seventh root race, for the incoming souls a focalpoint of mastery and of light and of homecoming and of the welcome of the Mother-flame.      -Ra Mu:  7-5-1975 at Mt. Shasta via Messenger E C Prophet

Mt Shasta Sunrise -D. Burton:  Mount Shasta sunrise of 1-21-1981 from ~20 miles north at Goosenest Peak


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