the price of seeing is to be able to hold the balance while observing also the diametrical opposition to that good

When you receive the all-seeing Eye from Cyclopea the price of seeing–of seeing God-good–is to be able to hold the balance while observing also the diametrical opposition to that good.  In order to know good we must be able to defend good; in order to defend good we must know the enemy.  That is why the closer you come to the whitefire core of Being the closer you come also to what is known as the Black Sun created by the fallen ones as the false center, the false focalpoint of life which centerpoint is the carnal mind, the beast, the Antichrist….

The key then to being patriarchs of the Law, patrons of Life and patriots of Liberty is to harmonize ourselves with that which already exists, to flow with the movement of the spheres, to determine what our destiny is and then by our freewill to elect to conform to it.  This is our responsibility, this is our opportunity, this is the big wave, the cosmic wave that we crest!    -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  7-4-1975 at Mt. Shasta


Those who serve the cosmic secret service protect the outpicturing of the divine plan by guarding the immaculate conception of the Cosmic Virgin.  When they are called into action these beings of light, very close to the destiny of nation and of the Divine Mother and the Divine Manchild, protect the seed and life aborning in the womb, life aborning in the heart of a nation until that life comes forth standing tall to take its place, secure….

We come forth then carrying the weapon of the all-seeing Eye of God.  The penetration of these forcefields by our Eye is a warning.  It is a provision of information to those who demand it.  To lightbearers who would know that they might be able to call forth the light of God to consume the darkness–we come! we answer!  We provide that inside information so that you can determine what really goes on behind the scenes in Washington and who really controls America’s destiny from the standpoint of the plane of matter.

Those who have usurpted the power do not show their faces!  Those who control, those who are in office do not make themselves apparent.  And so they allow the people to think that all continues as it has been from the beginning of this nation.  Yet all is not well with America!…

And the light shall prevail in every nation when good men and women faithful to the cause give their energy and invocation and holy prayer and when they conform their lives to the holy ordinances of Almighty God.  When your consciousness is in conformity to that inner will then the entire will of a cosmos will move to uphold you still….

I AM K-17 in the heart of the flame!               7-4-1975 at Mt. Shasta Freedom Conference via Messenger ECP


Americans are a unique people who have the courage to walk the path of perfecting the self while yet looking at their imperfections squarely with balance and maturity.  This ability to sustain the vision in the midst of the battle of life is the gift of Opportunity and Freedom which America gives to the world and to the cosmos.        -Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Colorado Springs, in The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, S. U. Press, Colorado Springs, CO, 1976, p. viii

Mark & Elizabeth Prophet

When you draw then/ Close to this mighty inrush of cosmic peace/ You will know/ When you have the feeling of release/ From all tension and dissatisfaction/ Of the outer consciousness/      That you have reached/ The Eye of the hurricane/ Of God’s wondrous peace.

In the stillness and the calmness/ Of His heart and mind/ You will possess your souls/          And expand the light that is in them/ Until the world will not remember you/ As you were/        But will know you/ As you are–/ A being of wondrous light and love….

We will ask that there occur an action/ Whereby the sunburst of cosmic victory/                        Is released there to your vision.         -Kuthumi: Prayer and Meditation, #16


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