We dare not follow the narrowness of any political/religious spectrum or ideology

We dare not follow the narrowness of any political/religious spectrum or ideology, for we will thereby confine the Holy Spirit, confine cosmic Law to our detriment, to our death.  This means championing that place where God has chosen to incarnate the God-flame at a certain point in time and space.  The cross of Alpha and Omega was formed–a God was born.  You are that God in manifestation.    -Messenger E C Prophet:  7-4-1975 at Mt. Shasta


And so going out from God is like going downhill; it’s easy going out.  It’s easy to be careless about how we treat life.  But going back (on the path of that sunbeam of the Central Sun), it’s uphill all the way, uphill over the bumps and the boulders and the mountains of our karma.  We take the mountain of karma, as the masters have told us, and by the alchemy of the cosmic clock won by fervent application to the fires of the Holy Spirit we create the pyramid of life.  this Great Pyramid of life is the ascending spiral of our oneness.   -Messenger ECP:  7-5-1975 at Mt. Shasta

G-O-D is the codeword for geometry of divinity.  The geometry of your divinity is what is locked in that Monad of the I AM Presence.  The whole geometrization of fire that will extend your destiny worlds beyond this world aeons after you have overcome time and space–this geometry, this blueprint, this formula of your cosmic identity is already locked in that Monad.  So it is called God–geometry of divinity.  It’s your potential, the total potential of what you can become.  Now if you blend with the law of your inner being nothing is impossible to you.  If you fight it, rebel against it you are just spinning your wheels, wasting your soul’s opportunity for incarnation.      -Messenger ECP:  7-3-1975 at Mt. Shasta


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