the vast network of higher intelligences who function in magnificent consonance behind the screen of nature

The tender shoots of aspiration budding within man’s desire for spiritual attainment are more often blunted by the carnal mind than many would care to admit.  Thus we perceive the constant struggle between the spirit and the flesh; and we know somewhat the tools that are employed by the shadowed ones to thwart the would-be initiate in his search for God and in his longing to be of service in constructively molding the course of civilization as a co-creator with God.  In this connection let me point out that ordinary circumstances often contain gems of spiritual enlightenment that pass unnoticed because individuals become involved with the experiences passing before the screen of their minds instead of examining the stream of their consciousness and searching out the causes and effects of the events from both a karmic and a generic standpoint….

If it were possible for man to close the valve of his karmic patterns and to open the valve of the pattern of his personal genesis, thus tuning in the pure lightwaves of the Creator’s design for his lifestream and tuning out the negative momentums of mortal involvements, a great deal of suffering could be avoided and an acceleration in soul evolution be achieved….Men must not be content merely to scan the great hidden mysteries of Life for selfish reasons and then misuse them in order to produce exotic experiences not in keeping with Life’s pure intent.    -Morya: Keepers of the Flame Lesson #17


Little do men dream–that is, men who are wedded to material science–of the vast network of higher intelligences who function in magnificent consonance behind the screen of nature.  But when they are apprised of the existence of the guardian spirits they are able to have a great appreciationof the so-called miracles of nature.  Going beyond a mere acknowledgement of these higher intelligences serving under the Divine Presence they may enter into actual communion with the beings who are responsible for the riot of color and the tender expressions of abundance in verdant nature.  Then they may learn to appreciate the science of nature which is even more exact than the scientists of this world dream.   -Amaryllis:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:19, see


Amaryllis embodies the green and gold of the precipitation flame   -Messengers M and E Prophet, see



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