a moment in the life of the devotee of the World Mother when the initiation of the solar energies

The one who realizes the Mother within, who determines to be that Mother on behalf of all life discovers that the energies of being and the flow of the tide of identity flow irresistibly as if magnetized by the sun into the fiery core that is the Holy Spirit.  Hence in all ages those who have known the reality of the Mother and who have identified as the Mother have become the bride of the Holy Spirit, for their consciousness has fused with the very living presence of the Paraclete.

And there is a moment in the life of the devotee of the World Mother when the initiation of the solar energies with the Holy Spirit takes place….When you in the flame of the Mother flow with the fire of the Holy Spirit you begin to understand the nature of the true Aquarian–the man or woman of the new age who bears the water of the Mother and pours that water into the vessels of manifold identity.  The fluid nature of the Mother is such that She is always adaptable to the needs of Her children.      -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 17:52, see https://books.google.com/books?id=7tEkZt7KakkC&pg=PA66&dq=clare+prophet+true+aquarian&hl=en&sa=X&ei=5r0ZVcH8IYqXyQTGroGQDg&ved=0CCwQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20true%20aquarian&f=false

106.  Verily the era of the Mother of the World is based upon realization of the heart….Let us not forget that for each important achievement the feminine principle is essential as a foundation and essence.

119.   It is not without cause that the gift of discovering clairvoyance and clair-understanding belongs to the Mother of the World.       -Morya:  Heart 1932

224.  Indeed creativeness is diffused throughout all labor, and sparks of great aum direct the current of life.  That manifestation of creative power forms the nodes of evolution, and through it is fastened the thread of the Mother of the World, fastened in a labor of eternal action.             -Morya:  Community 1926


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