free of the knots of a self-righteous selfhood; be my emissary

Our legions move with the forces of light and we are determined to wrest this entire planetary home from every force that is anti-Christ and anti-light.  We have set our God-determination to this task….And I will galvanize to you even by my very heartflame every soul of light upon whose brow the sign of the ages will sing V ictory! Victory! Victory! Victory! to life, to light and to immortality.  I seal you and I sign off in a rising sphere of victory!     -Mighty Victory:  Pearls of Wisdom 24:37

And we have no bars, we have no gates, we have no prisons to separate man from their victory.  For when they desire their victory more than they desire the manifestation of materialism and human ideas they will have it.   -Mighty Victory and Morya:  Pearl 25:54


wee have come, as you might sense, in the minor keys that bring resolution and allow the soul to enter into resolution with the major keys.  So, beloved, sound as you heart it in the music of the spheres that has penetrated the pores of your mind allows you to gain entry into higher octaves.  Thus God has sent certain composers into this world who have heard the inner sound, those who in other lifetimes have been initiates of the Buddha and therefore by sound alone have transmitted to Earth the wavelengths of the Buddhic mind….

The Five Dhyani Buddhas are can-do Buddhas.  We see the practical, we tackle that which can be accomplished in the moment and then move on to the more difficult, never acknowledging that there even exists the impossible!  So, beloved, be as we are.  It is the gentle free movement of those who are free of the knots of a self-righteous selfhood to which you must aspire.              -Amoghasiddhi:  1-2-1994 at RTR, Montana


This is not always easy–not for the angels and not for you, beloved, for many of you do not know how to let go of the misqualified substance of your karma.  And not only is it difficult to saturate you with violet flame but it is difficult to saturate you with any of the rays!  So I say, let go!  This is the time to hang loose as they say and to let your substance fall by the wayside.  And think not forward or backward but only think yourselves into the arms of God.  Ye are children of Elohim; ye are children of the Great Central Sun.  Now I give you a spin and I spin you back to the point of the original spinning of your soul from the mind of God….

It begins in your hearts and the hearts of those who have captured that spark and are fanning it and have become once again enthusiastic for America, for the principles of freedom and for fighting for the rights of all people to have a quality education, a quality diet and a quality life in every aspect of their world.  Let us then get on with our challenging of mediocrity wherever it rears its head….We must win and we must win fiercely and all the way….When there is a difficult task and when there is a challenge the best thing to do is to plunge in.  Look neither to the right nor to the left but keep on following the mark of the God-star Sirius.  keep on following that mark and do not neglect to seek the advice of the ascended masters through our teachings and from the Messenger–if you can catch her as she moves with God Mercury, sensing the urgency of the hour, sensing where we are in the Darjeeling Council….

Recognize that the world will respond, as the Messenger has said again and again, because you have the Holy Spirit in your hearts and in your temples, because you dwell with your God and because the Father and the Son have taken up their abode in you.  You will have to stand before the principalities and thrones of fallen angels as well as before the humble of heart who will see through you and know your vibration.  Beloved, be my emissary; be the emissary of Portia, I ask you.  Go for us!     -Saint Germain:  Freedom 1994 at RTR, Montana

-Roger Bacon by Gordon Ross, 1941, in Great Scientists

-Portia by John William Wright, 1848IMG_5263


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