For seed is the divine plan implanted in man in the beginning

Hail, O immaculate concept which does not expend its energies in vain trifles,               But seeks to extricate mankind from all that rifles                                                           The treasurehouse of man’s knowing, Which opposes the purity that’s flowing               Unbounded from God’s great knowing                                                                          That founded universal love and order, showing/ To all the way to answer God’s call  And pray withal and serve the light/ That illumines darkest night                            With Victory’s flag unfurled/ O’er all the shadowed world.    …

O precious ones, the time has come when the yoke of tyranny must be put off and man, in all of the treasurehouse of being, must pay homage to the Christ image being born anew as each soul recognizes the need to distinguish between seed and need.  For seed is the divine plan implanted in man in the beginning and bears the stamp of the Christ and the ability of the light to permeate the lily of man with the fragrance of God’s plan, whereas the need of man for things and outer power is but an act of desire and the desire mind.

These two opposites, depicted in the story of Cain and Abel….Thus the sin of Cain was that the did not pay heed to the ancient covenants by which mankind in all of their being and form were literally galvanized into action by the Creator’s magnificence as trapezoid, parallelogram and waveform heaped into trigonometric expression and the science of crystallography and atomic structure resulted in manifest form.       -Vesta:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:2


For gentleness of heart is also very much a part of God, and valor is not only in noise and struggle which are so necessary–hence El Morya and Jesus and many who clamor a bit louder than I usually do….

The peace of the Sun is the rays the Sun emits.  The emission is the energy of God sent forth to accomplish His will; and His will beckons to return.    -Gautama Buddha:  12-31-1967 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet



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