it is the goal of the Holy Kumaras to restore the seven pathways of our God in manifestation

O beloved ones, help us with right diet; help us with pure thought.  Help us with meditation; help us with doing your pranayama.  Yes, beloved, we will remake you in the image and likeness of God if you will cooperate. Therefore will you cooperate?…

Yes, you have lived in those (higher) levels, you have known a greater communication and now I say the forces of anti-victory, the forces of non-victory have heaped upon you a momentum and a burden and a weight, beloved ones.  And you must listen to me!  You must know that it must be challenged by you and you alone!

And the fire of you is the fire of God in you for you are God-victory in manifestation!  And I see you as manifestations of ourselves, of Victory and Justina in the God-flame of Victory.  And I see you in your mighty golden robes and golden-winged sandals of victory; and you are that victory and I affirm it now!     -Victory with Justina:  6-28-1992 at RTR, Montana


The activity of the retreat forms the gift of virtue which the retreat has chosen to sustain upon the planet Earth and in its atmosphere.  At Luxor that service is the ascension flame which is the way back Home, the way by which everyman redeems his energy and turns the bridge and current of his life-force that has flowed out and tied into the Earth back into his heart and through his heart upward into his Presence.        -Serapis Bey:  2-12-1954 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente

To awaken man’s spiritual self and then not sustain his enthusiasm would be more harmful than to let him sleep a little longer.  It is the divine decree that when the race awakens this time there will never be another soul sleep.    -Maha Chohan:  January 1954 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente, in Law of Life and Teachings 3, Luk Pub., Pueblo, CO, 1978, p. 774


…the pearl of great price for which, when he found it, a man went and sold all that he had to buy that one pearl.  That pearl is the Causal Body of the Divine Mother.  That pearl, created layer upon layer by the sacrifice of Her children, is the great Causal Body that you may have at your disposal whose energies you might use if you will but call that the Causal Body of the Cosmic Virgin be released to you at any hour of the day or night that you may require wisdom, energy, love, power, healing, truth, science and all of the virtues of the Godhead.     -Goddess of Liberty:  7-4-1974 at Spokane via Messenger E C Prophet


From ancient times to the present, by the law written in texts and in your inward parts, your Jesus has given you all the keys that you need for healing if you will only follow and obey.

Thus, beloved, the rings of light increase.  I am opening the opportunity to you to carry within your third eye the healing flame.  This does not come to you in a day or a moment.  It comes in increments as you are giving the healing-green decrees.  But the healing ray itself being a facet of the fifth ray can be a parallel ray of wholeness that focuses through the third eye.     -Maha Chohan:  7-4-1994 


Now come the Holy Kumaras once again.  We come therefore for we are the sponsors of this healing light externalized.  We radiate through Jesus and Magda, Mary the Mother with Raphael–pillars then of the sustaining crystal chalice and the emerald matrix within it.

Blessed hearts of living flame, it is the goal of the Holy Kumaras to restore the seven pathways of our God in manifestation–the ways unto the Sun that must be forged and won ere the five secret rays from within might also be intensified.     -Sanat Kumara:  10-14-1984 at Camelot, Los Angeles



As a result of a recent probing by the Hierarchy into mortal affairs the decision to seek the means to reach mankind came about for we have detected a number that is mighty indeed in the evolution of this planet presently in embodiment who would assist the divine plan if they knew how to do so.  We know that whereas the students of the greater light have much understanding that is out of the ordinary and that is not given through orthodox religious endeavors, few of you realize what an entrenched religious and social system exists today….The travail of bringing forth progressive spiritual revelation is intense and often our Messengers have to reckon with many forces of shadow which seek to thwart the holy cause.     -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:36


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