only by great openness of motive, of intent to purity, to God-likeness can men wholly escape from the nets

By mercy, through forgiveness and in love all life ascends again into its true estate.  Mercy is more kindness than justice requires; it is more kindness than can be claimed by merit or service.  -Kuan Yin via Messessenger Geraldine Innocente, 1953, at p. 621 of Law of Life and Teachings III, Luk Pub., Pueblo, CO, 1978Kuan Yin by Ruth Hawkins by Ruth Hawkins


The mask of self-deceit does not then hide any man from the Eternal One, and only by great openness of motive, of intent to purity, to God-likeness can men wholly escape from the nets and snares they do weave and have woven in the past.  Those who would trick others must first be tricked by themselves….

Unless men can summon faith in Almighty God and the tomes of His Laws they cannot help but be oriented around less objects of affection.  To effect a faith in the invincible integrity of God is to attune with it.  To live according to that design is to manifest it, and thus does faith carry men to the portals of hope–but a hope that is not rooted in faith in God’s own integrity is no hope at all.  Mortal dogmas are no substitute for the feeling of Almighty Life that surges within the heart and declares that “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” (Ps. 24:1).               -Archangel Michael:  Pearls of Wisdom 9:6IMG_0163

The tender grapes of our vine are often without a physical gardener or the needed irrigation….The dearest wish of my heart is to see the precious projects of salvation and the highest spiritual instruction released to the Earth without limit….I am hopeful that universal abundance shall be decreed of Life by our chelas so that we may develop further gifts and graces for your blessing in the coming days.   -Maha Chohan:  Pearls of Wisdom 8:34mahachohanimage015   -Athena Lemnia


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