What a great pyre upon the mountain lights the way!

IMG_0164 1) What a tragedy it is that human beings should permit themselves to be divided.  What a tragedy it is that they should permit themselves to remain far from the Lord’s camp, to note the frailty of the moment without even understanding that out of the moment eternity is born….Heaven knows that it was the divine intent from the very beginning to confer the highest gifts upon man.  Let us then make our determination that nothing shall deter our people from the acceptance of those gifts…. In the human soul is the virtue that was implanted there by God, the divine seed that is born of the androgynous consciousness of the Godhead.   -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:44 IMG_0165 2)  Again and again through the repetitious cycles the world has fulfilled a portion of its destiny only to let it slip away in a moment of frustration, in a turmoil of ignorance, in a sense of nonfulfillment–such has been the great failure of man to realize his true purpose…. Let the struggles of men continue for out of their struggles the fruit of greatness is born….And if the soul in its great longings for reunion with the central flame of the Father occasionally bursts into the flame of fervor within the heart of clay, let men understand that God is pursuing Himself….Let them let go of every fear, of every doubt and committing themselves to the ship of His high estate, let them journey onward with certainty, the certainty of His promise.    -Meru: Pearl 13:48

O flame of light bright and gold/ O flame most wondrous to behold/     I AM in every braincell shining/ I AM in light’s wisdom all divining/    Ceaseless flowing fount of illumination flaming/ I AM I AM I AM illumination

Come come come O divine illumination’s ray/ Come come come into my world to stay/               Come come come in golden waves of peace/ Come come come thy wisdom flame release!/  I am receiving, accepting and absorbing the flame of cosmic illumination from the very living Presence of the God and Goddess Meru in the Temple of Illumination


.. -braincells/nervepathwaysIMG_0167 3)  So often men think of “high” and “low” as though the soul, fresh from the hand of God, could be reduced to the ashes of their thought burned out and empty or as though they could become so exalted that men could not touch their feet…. And as the gift of God descends upon every waiting heart the joy of the spiritual realm shall be full and it will not end as do so many things in the finite world….It is always up to you to make that decision by which is born one for whom we wait.               -Archangel Gabriel:  Pearl 13:49 IMG_0169 4)  337.  What a great pyre upon the mountain lights the way!   –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924

The eternal light of mercy is the flame by which continents do rise and fall and the course of civilization is set   -Kuan Yin:  5-8-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet


5)  The surfeiting of the people in consumer products bought with unsound money unbacked by a gold standard has produced a profound insecurity in the people, a subconscious resistance to take the responsibilities of living and working together…to produce the abundant life–which is the only true foundation for a golden-age civilization.   -Saint Germain, see https://books.google.com/books?id=Jnx81G79ng0C&pg=PA120&dq=clare+prophet+unbacked&hl=en&sa=X&ei=DcShVKLgBNjUoAT3uYG4Ag&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20unbacked&f=false

-N. Roerich:  The Last Angel, 1942

6)  Sweet surrender to the Presence of God is initiated first of all in the will.  The will is the key whereby the human self has its say.  You have willed lesser images; you have willed imperfection.  You have willed subservience to others and to the world order.  You have closed your eyes to the truths of God that stand glaringly apparent even to a child….

Now comes the time when the great will-key/ Must be turned in the door of cosmic opportunity            -Serapis Bey:  Dossier on the Ascension, #16


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