as you meditate on the plight of unascended souls striving

How mothers and fathers must renew their efforts in holy prayer!…Beloved ones, the results of mass controls can be seen in the lives of many.  These find themselves caught up in such a turmoil of conflicting dimensions that the poor creatures are divided mentally, emotionally and spiritually and can scarcely comprehend the thrust of life.  Through ineptness in spiritual things and a lack of discernment men are often turned from that radiance of the Eternal into myriad channels which afford temporal diversion but no gathering together of the many facets of being into the formation of a useful instrument.

To prevent the scattering of the divine seed–the seed that God has planted in every heart–into byways of uselessness we forward herewith this message from the entire hierarchy….

Perhaps then as you meditate on the plight of unascended souls striving for perfection you will learn to be more kind to those on the path who have not yet mastered every solitary moment….Won’t you learn then out of the charity of your souls to be tolerant of one another’s strivings and to receive thereby divine merit?….

We plead for the knitting together of the spiritual body but we warn that the releases of the true hierarchy through the true messengers of the Great White Brotherhood have a vibrational quality that has never been excelled, albeit some among humanity have sought to cast down the brilliant contact with us over which flows so much divine love and wisdom to the children of God….

But if your souls are unsatisfied with negativity, if you have not unraveled the mysteries of nature, if you stand yet as a seeker for illumination’s flame, for the Holy Word–the lost chord that vibrates within yourself, if you can be compassion not only to others but also to yourself, then I believe that the bond with our hierarchy that is being placed before you each week in our releases will become more and more dear to you….Thus shall more and more sons and daughters come into the forcefield of our existence and share in the responsibilities of our love.   -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:37  Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins          Mark & Elizabeth Prophet

How unfortunate it is that men will listen to the blaring idiocies of the unillumined, of the ill-mannered whose cacophony is heard the world around….

Freedom is in the soul, seedlike and dormant, and but awaits the nourishment of the attention–the acceptance of the consciousness, the pulsing joy of awareness.  It leads man onward out of decrepitude and age into vitality and amazement, for the love of God that passeth understanding, that conveyeth ultimate destiny to all will not be moved in its great onrush toward freedom….

In Him and in the Spirit of Truth that He Is is the unfoldment of loveliness and high adventure.  Life is not meant to be a vale of trial but a veil of triumph wherein the Spirit of Christ-Truth, perceiving the blueprint of universal reality, seizes the luminous orb of destiny and casts down the despairs of life as it raises the banner of freedom within the souls of men.   –Saint Germain:  Pearl 13:27


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