Thousands of years of infamy can yield to one moment of the fire of the Sun

The purpose of shining is to shatter the clay of opacity, the enclosing shards that in thousands of years have brought no happiness.  Man must learn to breathe again….The compasses of confusion must be exchanged for a sane direction.  Newness of life must enhance the quality of the present moment.  The bitter ones must empty their cups of the dregs of human swill. Thousands of years of infamy can yield to one moment of the fire of the Sun…

But the angels of His Presence, the angels of Purpose must be wrestled with and the blessing secured, as did Jacob of old.  The Christ consciousness is the inheritance of the elect.  But so long as men defile themselves with outer conditions, so long as they remain afraid of the Eternal so long shall they elect to fulfill lesser purposes.  Only by a fearless dedication, only by a recognition of fearlessness flame can they be endowed with the electronic essence that will enable them to walk the earth as gods….The only return to Eden that can ever occur is that which takes place when man walks back to his original estate and communes with God in the garden of being….

Yes, as we have said, man is not dust but destiny.  But it is a destiny that must be seized.  It does not come automatically to humanity.  Too many nets of deceit and darkness, of shadow and pain have they woven.  These must be replaced by the ladders of the Spirit whose graded lessons will teach man to be victorious, not victimized.   -Morya El:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:19

-Viktor Vasnetsov:   Sergius of Radonezh (1882)
we take note of the sapphire order, of the blueness that gemlike reflects the will of God; whereas one knows that it is blue one also knows that the white light has produced the fragrance of its appearance. …
The legions of men are becoming neither more Godlike nor more manlike.  They are simply dissolving their resemblance to reality in a chaotic nihilism…
I am impelled by the Great Divine Director himself–by the Prince of the House of Rakoczy–to seek to steal from the folds of the world those who have ears to hear….There is no other course to take.     -El Morya:  The Sacred Adventure, S.U. Press, 1969, 1981, dictated to Messenger Mark Prophet
How can one sense one’s need to push back the barriers of the mind or sheaths of consciousness outworn?…If you do not know that sensitivity that you ought to have but you do not–I can assure you the one who is above you in the chain of Hierarchy knows it!  Therefore listen to that one; follow that one; acknowledge that one                                              -Maitreya:  4-19-1981 at Camelot, see


Then because the deeds of some men followed after evil they in fact re-created themselves in the image of the sons of Belial, the sons of darkness.  Not taking into account this aspect of mankind’s evolution many have failed to apprehend the mystery of good and evil; and they have thought that inasmuch as God made all men they should recognize all on an equal basis….

Those who are limited in concept, those who have not yet opened their eyes to the great stellar realities of life often fix their consciousness upon an arbitrary or whimsical God made in their own thought-image….Let all understand then that karma and compensation, sin and error, will always return to the feet of those sending them out–and bitter will be the cup.  But punishment is never His desire for mercy from God flows to all generations.  And when love, mercy, goodness and truth are cherished, these fruits bear witness to the active principle of the Holy Spirit in every religion and in every life which should become a religion.   -Jesus Christ:  Pearl 13::20


How beautiful it would be if men and women could understand that except they become as a little child they cannot enter in.  It is a complex sophistication that has altered their views of reality and brought them again and again into strident conflict with one another.  The answer lies not in an easy one-pointed panacea but in the acceptance of the universal realities of the Spirit.      -Maha Chohan:  Pearl 13:21  mahachohan




My mighty great God Presence/ On shining wings of light/

Come blaze Thy radiant light rays,/ Be a beacon through the night/

High in Thy constant watchtower/ Of the Summit now You blaze,/

Deep within the hearts of men/ You’re anchored there to raise/

All to love,/ All to love,/ All to love.                 -Mark Prophet


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