the universe is a harmonious working-together of light serving light

For man in the outer self does not know what will yield happiness and he feels that the satisfaction of the senses, the accumulation of wealth, the freedom from the curse of Cain or any one of a number of ephemeral visions will result in happiness.  But the only happiness there is is in agreement with the divine plan of the Universal First Cause.   -Goddess of Liberty:  7-11-1954 via Messenger Geraldine Innocente, in Law of Life and Teachings, book two, Luk Publications, Pueblo, CO, 1978, p. 286

It was decreed by cosmic Law that a nation destined to be the chalice and the grail for the gifts of freedom had no right to hold a cup while their hands were soiled by denying liberties to fellow men and women whom they had designed to be slaves.  Early in the inception of this country’s government I endeavored to secure in the original Constitution clauses abolishing the right to hold slaves, but through freewill working through the many men who represented the interests upon the earth in these United States this important clause was omitted which would have avoided the bloodshed, the internal strife and the agonies of the Civil War….

But the mind of man is a strange and uncertain thing, for while it is pliable and receptive just when you feel you have a chela through whom God’s will can be done, a perverse current and buried complex will arise; and so revolution and wars have ensued.    -Saint Germain:  6-25-1955 at Gettysburg, PA via Messenger Geraldine Innocente, in ibid., p. 392.


Man is a limited creature; he is limited by the mesalliances he has formed often in the bane of ignorance.  Therefore we must commence by literally turning the being of man upside down and inside out.  We must ferret out the little tricks that have been employed by the finite self in maintaining its own sovereignty over the lives of others, for it is the sense of struggle that has actually created a struggle in the lives of countless millions.  But when they shed that sense, when they perceive that the universe is a harmonious working-together of light serving light they will hasten to be about the Father’s business of transmuting the shroud that covers the Earth, the shroud that is composed of the elements of mankind’s own insanity and destructive emotional patterns.  -Saint Germain:  Pearl 13:8, see

-Portia, by John William Wright, 1846


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