The Christ beholds the raising of mankind’s consciousness; global warming conspiracy

The continuity of life when the quality thereof is ascendant provides for the gradual magnification of the beautiful purpose envisioned in the eye of God when He first created man in His own image and likeness.  It is truly a chastisement of the spirit to devote one’s energies to human foibles, to the sustaining of the frustration of human hurts and human irks.  In God’s name I say, cut yourselves free from your mortal opinions, whatever their source, and observe how your mind becomes unfettered, mounting into the blue to capture the thoughts of God!…

All transmutation, beloved hearts, and all balancing of the Law is the fulfillment of the divine edict “Whom the Lord loveth–truly loveth–He chasteneth.”  The chastening of every son whom He receives is solely for the radiant perfectionment of the individual through the practical understanding of the eternal Law “With what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again.”…

To be free, truly free, is to let the heart soar like a bird.  The sky is one’s abode yet one can swoop down on pinions of light to raise others in their moments of trial.  The heavens need not be sought as a haven of aloofness but as a dwellingplace for those who would survey the world-need, descend to lend a helping hand and then ascend once again to bask in the golden sun of Christed illumination….

A spiritual renaissance of true culture is imminent, and if it does not come to pass it will be solely the result of mankind’s attention to the banal and darkening concepts that have far too long held sway in the world of form….

The Christ beholds the raising of mankind’s consciousness through the leaven of trust which God has placed within the soul.  The Lord has vested man with a swaddling garment of pure light and grace.    -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 14:46


Now there appears in the world of form outside of the great scientific achievements in the fields of physics, chemistry and electronics, and apart from the social sciences, a new method of developing the potential of the personality.  Based almost exclusively on hypnotic designs of mind control, this refacing of old methods of autosuggestion techniques is gradually replacing the Christ consciousness with so-called scientific methods.

Learned by rote these methods will supposedly make man master of himself.  He is told that he will need no help from any other save those who would make merchandise of him by promising to communicate to him the techniques of mind control….

Let those who tamper with higher Law beware, for in olden times it was this tampering that broke the lines of cosmic communication between unasceded man and the reality of God.   -Leonora:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:34



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